Journey to the Roof of the World…. Nepal, Himalaya Mountains

Reaching the summit of Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayas was an achievement due to the blizzard that hit the afternoon we were on our way, we had to stop but we continued the next morning…. It created FIVE avalanches on the trail we had to cross…one before and four after…I honestly can’t say which was worst…LEECHES OR AVALANCHES…whatever the case I made it from beginning to end …I have to say I was extremely exhausted from making my way between rocks, boulders, trees , bushes and drifts of snow…never really knowing if I was going to hit a hollow part of the path and fall into a empty space between boulders that lay hidden under snow….

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About maldaoud

An american woman who has lived and traveled around the Middle East for years...
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